Monday, October 5, 2009

A song of renewal by Kim Sozzi

Former Mynt singer and solo artist Kim Sozzi has a strong hit on the dance charts. Sozzi shows her song writing chops with a touch of melancholy in her lyrics reminiscent of the of Everything But The Girl's "The Desert Miss The Rain", but Sozzi starts at a darker place before the story of renewal unfolds:

All that time alone made me go insane
Wasn't hard to see i had lost control

After reliving every traumatic emotional experience in my life, over and over, during the summer of 2009, I wasn't sure I was sane during this process, I couldn't control it, it was just triggered and the process flowed thru me, cleaning out 2 decades+ of emotional baggage in just 6 weeks. Every old girl friend finally started to become a ghost, every dirty trick my father pulled on me became faded.

Holdin on to pain made it hard to breathe
Couldnt get away from my memories

I realized my memories of my first pure true love Michele had held me back from ever achieving that same higher level relationship with another woman. And the best way to put those memories in their place is to make some new memories:

Then you wiped my tears with your soothing touch and you flew my past away

Sozzi describes how a "touch" took her memories away, I'm taking this as good advice, no regrets, no more blaming me or others, just me, a new man moving forward with a good emotional base

Wanna leave the past behind..

Kim Sozzi will be performing at the Empty Bottle Saloon in Middletown New York on October 16th, 2009.

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