Saturday, October 3, 2009

I've been stuck in a rut, living my own Ground Hog day.

Monday morning July 27th I had a dream. I was in an apartment building and this guy was helping me look for my old first true love, Michele. He told me she lived in the building. Everyone who lived in this building were all girls that were 5 foot four with dark hair. One by one variations of my old flame were walking into the building. I woke up very disturbed, it was an extremely powerful dream. I realized what a total waste I had been, as I must have been in denial, and never faced the facts. I got very pissed at myself.

This was the start of an emotionally powerful sequence that had me on the rocks, not sure if I was losing my grip on reality. 30 years of bad experiences pounded me into the sand, like I was at the beach and the waves were overwhelming me.

September 15th I came up for air.

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