Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting over that old flame

I hadn't really thought about Michele much over the years, but the summer of my epiphany brought back much in the way of memories, desires, blame and regrets. I wondered when it would end, and this week it started to fade. The bad news is the girl I experienced pure true blue love with, willingly walked into an abusive relationship, years later divorced and looks to be dating a man built like her father, who taught her that abusive behavior is love, in the first place.

That is not the beautiful girl I knew. Its real hard to desire her, as gorgeous as she looks at 48 years old.

Today I spent the whole day thing about this girls profile at match.com, 49 years old, shes from Long Island, my old stomping grounds, but 40 miles from Montclair NJ. But now I'll have to pay for a membership, just so I can send her a message.

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